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  • Export with Villa America

    For the past 38 years Villa America has partnered with more
    than 70 national companies. Become our partner too.
  • Export with Villa America

    For the past 38 years Villa America has partnered with more than 70 national companies. Become our partner too.

About Us

We operate in the Brazilian market since 1982, as Brapar Consultoria y Representaciones SRL, a Latin American company of international representations. In 1996 we started working directly in Brazil through the company Villa America Consultores y Negocios, in partnership with Brazilian companies for international distribution of local products.
Learn about Villa America's business practices

In Brazil, most of the industries do not have expressive volume of international exports, ranging from 1 to 10% of their production. Export is a developing, growing area that can be better explored in the Brazilian market.

Working in the field we learned that exports are always successful when well conducted, directed to the correct market and observing the needs and peculiarities of different countries. Thanks to more than 30 years of experience, we can help our customers to export in the most efficient and profitable way.

We do much more than the intermediate business between Brazilian companies that want to export and importers or distributors from other countries. We advise the transaction since its birth, putting sellers and buyers in contact and also assisting the whole process, working in parallel as a consultant, ready to help with any question of our customers and indicate the best way to place their products in the international market.

Understand how our representation works

In addition to more than 30 years of market experience and work with renowned brands throughout our history (such as Bombril, Klabin, M.Dias Branco, Café Cacique, OSRAM Lamps, Nadir Figueiredo, Quacker and Kelloggs), our company has one more differential: unlike trading companies, which buy and resell products or receive a fixed monthly plus commissions, we choose to receive only commissions as an international representative agent. Thus, we provide a more complete and less costly service for our customers.

In addition, transparency is our motto. Our clients will be present at every step, so we can make sure everything is serving their best interests. All business is conducted openly between the parties involved: the industry, the agent and the international buyer.


Get to know the Villa America division that deals with agribusiness related exports, taking care of the main commodities produced in Brazil, as well as intermediating Agro business in the domestic market among Brazilian companies.

What can we do for
your business?

Our job is to find importers and distributors anywhere in the world interested in your product, making the connection and helping to maintain a constant flow of business between international importers and Brazilian manufacturers.
Understand how export works

The export is based on a planning and market study carefully prepared by our specialists. We strive to work with the best products in each segment, to ensure lasting business and gain international markets confidence.

Thus, the producer must know that to export successfully, he must always choose the best quality products in his production in order to reach a standard to be able to compete in the foreign market. The higher the quality of the product, the greater the chances of achieving profitable and long-lasting business.

Today, we take Brazilian products to the main countries of the world, but we are not limited to trading alone. We take care of the acceptance of these products in the foreign market. Because it is a different market, with other habits, customs and culture, we always make a presentation and dissemination of these Brazilian products, explaining and valuing their qualities, so that they are known and well accepted. This care helps in the acceptance and sales in other countries, increasing the chances of export success.

We also take care of the monitoring during the whole period in which the product is marketed abroad. The fact that the product is inserted in a certain international market is not enough for it to settle down there and to perform well in sales, so we permanently monitor the sales, the competitors and the desires of the market, to serve that public in the best possible way and ensure a steady increase in sales.

Our Modus Operandi
ABefore we start the prospecting process, the industry tells us about its needs, exposes its products and we align the modus operandi.

In order to export, various requirements must be met: from the export license (RADAR), appropriate packaging (shelf-life when perishable), customs clearance, appropriate transportation, compulsory insurance, sometimes specific inspections, and other necessities depending on each product. Of course, the mandatory compliance in international nomenclature.

Our segments

Food industry, açaí, cleaning products, electrical materials, cosmetics, various types of papers, machinery and motors, glassware, metals, hardware in general, ores and industrial scrap.
  • Foods
  • Cosmetics
  • Electrical materials
  • Cleaning products
  • Machinery and Motors
  • Ores
  • Paper
  • Hardware
  • Glassware
  • Wood

    From your country
    to the World.

    With our partnership your product can be inserted in any country of the world. Our consultancy relies on more than 30 years of market experience. We work strategically in the various export stages:

    • We perform an accurate analysis of the receptivity and demand of the world market for your product, evaluating where the most lucrative and promising negotiations will be;
    • Once we have established the best international market for your product, we do an in-depth analysis of it, mapping audience preferences, cultural particularities and key competitors;
    • After this analysis, we help tailor product details for export, from the presentation form to the packaging design, to ensure that it has the best acceptance and to ensure its greatest sales potential;
    • Once the product is being marketed, we track your sales, the changes and trends in the market, so that it remains competitive and always attractive to the consumer.

    The beginning of the partnership.

    It is essential to have a frank and serious conversation before the start of the business, to align the client's expectations with the potential of the international market. Thus, we expose all data, with maximum transparency, for our customers to evaluate how and where they want to sell their products.

    Once the entire procedure has been aligned with the customer, negotiations are initiated with the international importers. We also accompany and advise the whole export process, since it is very different from the domestic sales process.

    Our Clients

    For 38 years in the export area, Villa America and its predecessor Braspar SRL have already worked in the most diverse sectors representing leading companies in their respective areas. Among the companies we already represent, we can mention big names such as: Nadir Figueiredo, M. Dias Branco, Bombril, OSRAM Lamps, Klabin, Kelloggs, Quaker and Café Pelé.

    Talk to Us

    Joca Vicente de Azevedo
    +55 11 98834 0000
    Fernando da Costa e Silva
    +55 11 98834 0101
    Lineker Capovilla
    +55 19 99201 5460
    Pedro Felipe de Azevedo
    +55 11 98833 9999
    Interested in a partnership? Send us a message through the form or contact us by the following information:
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